Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sms Headline Every Evening on Mobile

What is SHEEM?
      SHEEM stands for Sms Headline Every Evening on Mobile.

What does it do?
      SHEEM sends local/regional news headlines to its subscribers’ cell phone through SMS every evening.

How to register?
      Subscriber has to register his/her cell no. with the SHEEM first by paying Rs. 10/- as registration fee.

How headlines are received?
      After registration subscriber will start to receive local/regional news headlines every evening in his/her cell phone.

Any subscription fee?
      A fee of Rs 50/- (rupees fifty) only per month shall be charged from the subscriber.

How to make payment?
      Subscriber may pay by cash to authorised officer or deposit requisite amount in Bank of India a/c No. 429310110001007. Online payment may also be made in this a/c No. for which IFSC code is BKID0004293.

Any contact :
      Our contact persons and their Nos. are :
      i)         Manoj Rai (Director, News)                       -           98002-65166
      ii)        Pranita Chhetri (Director, Online)             -           94748-80072
      iii)       Nikita Baraily (Director, Database)          -           89062-16010

e-mail :
Background :
      This is an effort of a few local educated youths of Kalimpong to supply daily information of regional interest through SMS to the subscribers of SHEEM.

      We hope that you will co-operate us in this new venture and become a regular subscriber.

      We shall remain grateful to you for kind co-operation.

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