Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is Gorkhaland very far?

Why is Bimal Gurung, GJMM Chief stressing on alternative set up as interim arrangement and indicating towards change in the nomenclature of proposed state of Gorkhaland and exclusion of certain areas from the present map of Gorkhaland?
These questions are brainstorming riddles and questions for discussion among the GJMM supporters of all status as well as others interested in activities of GJMM or related to Gorkhas.
Sources and agencies state that Bimal Gurung and the GJMM top rankers were repeatedly informed by the Central Government that demand of Gorkhaland is an impossible demand, at least for the present. There are so many hurdles, of them some are similar demands cropping up from the Adivasis and Rajbanshis in the neighbouring areas. while others are such demand will endanger the country's defense mechanism. It is also known that they were convinced to these explanations. 
On this appraisal Bimal Gurung forwarded the demand of union territory to the Central Govt which too was discarded stating that it has legal and technical difficulties like objection from State Government and for UT it has to have atleast three districts and 19 police stations. 
As an alternative to the demand of GJMM Central Government forwarded a proposal of granting a high power autonomous body according to them which is also proposed by the State Govt. If this arrangement as an alternative to the demand of statehood is agreed upon it has further offered  to grant more powers afterwards  and UT too in near future.
According to the sources, considering the violent opposition from the Adivasis of Dooars on the nomenclature (according to the ABAVP it will abolish their identity by the name of Gorkhaland)  Gurung consulted the matter with the think tank and study forum of GJMM. To resolve the matter and to receive support from them he has forwarded the center that if the center has any objection then GJMM is ready to consent on the proposal to change the name from Gorkhaland to similar names. So as to please the State Govt it has proposed to change the map and area of Gorkhaland demanded by GJMM. It has consented to exclude most of the areas of Dooars and a few areas of Siliguri (now in DGHC) dominated by Non-Gorkha & Adivasi populace too.
It is understood division of Constituency Committee are being divided into zonal committees as a preliminary exercise for the formation of new constituencies of the forthcoming interim alternative setup. Similarly representative to the Subdivisional Committees are also chosen as per the choice of the Central Committees taking into consideration of similar ideas.
There has been grumblings among the Hill people regarding the matters related to the demand of Gorkhaland as well as the agitation in which reluctant people too are being forced to participate. Mistrust among the party cadres, fight amongst leaders for the chair, corruption and involvement of party leaders in contract works of DGHC, misuse of DGHC fund, harassment facing by the people during agitational programme is increasing day by day. The sincere party workers are overburdened to reorganise the party structure and convince and clarify the public regarding rumours and charges made against the leaders including Bimal Gurung. (....agencies)

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