Sunday, November 8, 2009


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  1. For my long connection with Kalimpong in general and the Kalimpong College in particular, I am elated to see and read in the pages of 'Kalimpong News'. Hope its prosperity in due course of time.

    Dr. Sailen Debnath
    Ex-Lecturer in History
    Kalimpong College

  2. how r u running such a project without any financial help? all readers/subscribers should come forward to help the operator of this news service financially.

  3. It's all about the passion of love...impossible is nothing if you love and care about your place and people. Keep up your good work...

    Bernard Lama

  4. In the article today I read Nepalese were seen in the public meeting of PPP .... did the Nepalese people had hung their Nepalese passport around their neck or your correspondent saw them coming from Nepal....???? I personally think that Nepali speaking Indians reside in the region of duars....!!!!

  5. The atrocities commited on the supportrs of the GJM resulting on the death of to unanmared civilians by the police should be taken up by the National Human Rights Commission immediately.

  6. Hello,

    I know that I am writing to the wrong address, but I have got no other options. Media has more then to be known.

    I am a frequent visitor of this news site, and reading about the situations of the hills, I am afraid, what would be happening to the Foreigners staying there, especially the students from Bhutan, Nepal, Thai and other nations.

    There is no way for them to be home too as their indefinite strike and lots of unusual things going on which is panicking most of the parents at home. They are afraid because they neither can go and get their kids nor the students out there has there way out to be home.

    Our earnest request, please query about this and let us know, most probably by posting it online in this site only.

    Thanking you.

  7. Sir,

    8th March, is the birth day of Legendary Saxophonist Manohari Singh's 81st Birth Day.This is the first time, he is not with us but the memory which he left for us - unforgettable.

    I want to pay our homage through your news web on behalf of Melody Chime , Kolkata.


  8. Dear Friends of Kalimpong Press Club,

    I really appreciate this initiative of yours. Hope you will be able to reach out to many with your valuable day to day information. I wish you the very best and will definitely remember you in my prayers.

    Nirnay John Chettri
    G.S. MARG

  9. Hats up to the owner of this sites as this is the only page where i can have a detail news about Kalimpong and rest of the hills... Good show and keep going with news. Thanks for updated news once again from the bottom of my heart.

    with regards
    Gyatso,Air Force

  10. Thank u so much for latest updated news about Kalimpong and rest of the hills.. Hats up to ur team for creating such a wonderful page...

  11. Any contact number mobile or landline would be very helpful. except mail its difficult to contact the team.

  12. Dear Mr. Blogger,

    I really appreciate your effort. I am also a blogger. Can we exchange our links?

  13. Must say you guys are doing great work.. Thanks for running the great site successfully all these years... Hope to see you guys doing well .. heartfelt best wishes ... Jai Gorkha

  14. keep up the good work and would be happy see more photos of the news column

  15. Thanks to Mr. Praveen Khaling who use photo of AKAR bridge on 14th june 2011 in kalimpong News. the photograph which was actually taken by me on 17-11-2007 during CHHATH PUJA.

  16. good job in journalism keep it up