We’ve just learned Michael Jackson’s body is set to be driven to Neverland Ranch (that was bought by Michael) on Thursday morning.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ upwards of a 30 car motorcade — including Jackson’s body — will be traveling from Los Angeles to Neverland at 10 AM on Thursday. We’re told law enforcement is currently meeting to discuss security and traffic control. Our sources say plans are in the works for a public viewing to take place on either Friday or Saturday.

Jackson passed away Thursday afternoon. He was 50

What the world may have missed is evident in the last photos ofMichael Jacksononstage.

Images of Michael rehearsing in front of a giant red "This Is It" sign on stage in Los Angeles June 23 are circling the 'net.

In the photos he appears energetic, if a little thin for a six foot man. He weighed 112 at hisautopsy.

The footage of Michael rehearsing at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles two days before he died may be released on DVD, but who owns the rights?

Jackson was to begin performing the first of his 50 dates at the O2 Arena in London in two weeks.

He had said one of the reasons he embarked on this physical endeavor was his children. He wanted to show Prince Michael, 12; Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11; and Prince Michael II, 7, what their father did for a living.Their fate has yet to be decided by the Los Angeles courts.

Although Michael allegedly died in debt, estimates for his music sales, and possibly those from a DVD of his last onstage moves, show that his estate could make more money in the next year than it did in the last decade.